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Director, founder and owner of Kim Sofer Matthias aka Kim Soma was born in Hamburg, Germany and graduated from Filmacademy Ludwigsburg as director for broadcast commercials and film. Still being a student, his second shortmovie "Nanny" had its premiere at Hofer Filmtage in 1994 and was later licensed and international broadcasted on horror channel "13th Street". Kim Soma worked on all his projects as director and editor to bring up a great variety in developing and finishing projects in his own independent way. His directing credits include national and international broadcast tv commercials, IPTV and TV shows, virals, music videos and short films.


„Electronic music has come of age..“ this is a quotation from JEGA and pretty much explains my interest in doing late nite interviews in backrooms of clubs in 2006/07. But also the feeling, that those guys behind their laptops and covered in their dark sorroundings, because their artcreation happens in most cases during the nighttime, have an unique tradition with all the great composers in former music history. Nevertheless this kind of music is already close to hundred years of existence, when you consider its start in 1920. So we´re actually talking about somekind of classic music.

The artists in “Displayed” talk about their starts in the early 90ies. Their days and nights, jobs, lifes and thoughts, lonesome working in front of a computerscreen, composing, essences of a growing music culture. DISPLAYED does not show borders of the global dancefloor “culture”. These artists are talking about a selffullfilling progression in Electronic Arts in England, Germany, Spain, Australia and Los Angeles.


Hältst Du Dich für talentiert und fit als Darstellerin oder Darsteller in einem Internetformat, Videoclip, Special Shooting oder Filmprojekt von mitzuwirken oder vielleicht sogar ein Demo-Reel für Dich zu erstellen, dann schicke Deine Bewerbungsunterlagen  bitte mit kurzer Vita, Interessen und aussagekräftigem Foto.

Als Pdf oder Video-Stream an folgende Webadresse.

Wir freuen uns über jede ernstgemeinte Anfrage, ob Profi oder Laie.