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Let`s start from the very beginning !

Exactly ten years ago  BLENDWERK.TV  started from the very scratch with something brand new : Streaming Content ! A webseries about Berlin and the craft of sewing and knitting.

To create something trustful, precious for those who understand and love knitting and sewing or just giving tutorial basics in German language to those who wanted to learn, we came down to the holy land of the web / tv streaming with the support of those great companies :

It became the first widespread Knitting-and Sewing Tutorial Show in Germanspeaking Europe which means from Poland to Switzerland.

It was published on 23 Local TV Stations and showed BURDA a new way to bring their content to the audience which happend pretty fast and you can see, where they´re heading now. We bring it all back to you, with all those Tutorials where you really can learn the art and the craft .


I was very proud to present our newest development a couple of days ago at the CEBIT 2017 in the Japanese pavilion. It was like a ride back to a point, where I directed and edited my first TV commercial for KONICA as a young director and as my first advertising job at TWIN FILM, Munich.

It is now 4 years ago since we released our first attempt to dive into the virtual reality segment, in 2013 changing from a production for digital video content focussing on images in one direction to a production of observing a massive 360° screen now with interactive 3D content. We still produce with the same fun when we worked out corporate and commercial releases as freelancers and as a viral 2D – video production in the past 12 years and still continue with that too.

But on 02.09.2013 published a corporate video that made 354.586 impressions until today. A teaser for the first virtual reality head-mounted display for mobile DUROVIS DIVE. The amazing DIVE was released 3 months later and we were signed for 5 more viral films by SHOGEE. Since then we produced a non-linear, interactive VR-app game alpha called IRON ARCHEOLOGYST connected with a viral video campaign for ZEISS VR ONE and developed our first own VR- app title the LAST SUPPER VR available now on the google-app store.

All this we did mainly in the years 2015 and 2016. had to invest in a different quality development for very new content. On that way we found new ideas and a lot of fun, while the videos about virtual reality started to even have more impressions, so we decided to stay on that route, although many “experts” will tell you different stories according to mobile VR quality issues. Low frame rates, bad fov and other negative stuff in the mobile VR world. But we do know better : 5***** on Google you get for an app that works fine not only for those professionals who know these kind of VR – apps in the VR-experience segment.

It is us now who tries not to look too rational at all those complex solutions concerning the VR media rising because it will take a long time to bring more customers into this, to bring up better content and better mechanics for an instant usability. Try to have any interactive, 360° experiences on a pc-VR system in 5 minutes from the start under 1000 EURO ? Not happening ! The general costs are still high and the technical life-cycle is kind of doomed, because you can´t change this technology so fast when you once “started” with certain high-end-grfx support, additional software, hmd recognition, positional tracking, etc. unless you run it already on a professional base.

With “cardboards” (SmartVR) the free VR – content euphoria on the google app store is pretty nice to watch, to interact, to enjoy easily and if you own a better smartphone, a better HMD and a blue tooth controller, you actually do in 4k what others can only do in upscaled 720p. Yes the latency can range somewhere between 60fps and 100fps on the mobile device while PC-VR is happening in 120 or more fps. But the performance is meaningless for an experienced user in the range you are actually able to realize. It is always the content that makes people pay the price and this is why PSVR from Sony sells pretty good through “Resident Evil 7” my personal best VR-experience so far even with a hmd that I would judge like quite , well : “Blurry” ?! But the game has an amazing story, a character you want to survive with and some shocking Japanese moments that actually come from the inspiration behind all that : Kiyoshi Kurosawa´s “SWEET HOME”

It`s my beloved area in the horror film genre if it is “The Changeling” or all the Amityville scenarios of the spooky, haunted and badly mistreated family home, run over by voices, winds and ghosts. But room-simulations and their certain stimulations create an effect also on the well-being of a person. And this is what we had in mind creating THE LAST SUPPER VR. Trust me: It is quite easy to “shock” you folks !

But for now the world needs peace and the atmosphere of one of the greatest immersions of mankind. The first Christian church, a Mosque and finally the place of all three Abrahamic religions under one roof. The LAST SUPPER ROOM is not a myth. And here we’ll explain why

The project grew from the amazing support through my whole family and the moment I presented my idea to Haim Ohana.  To capture his beloved place “The Cenaculum” meant a great honour for me which I  worked out in 1.5 thousand images + 20 videos trying to conserve that light, that atmosphere and the feel-good over a couple of hours with amazing reactions from the visitors in colours and structures as 4k textures for our VR rebuilt in 3D. You have to understand that it is far from easy to travel from Russia, Japan, China, Africa and enter this place without the right amount of money and a booked sightseeing tour. This is one of mankind´s most visited open public sites in the world and according to religio – historical and archaeological findings it is defined as the place from the Last Supper of Jesus. It is a highly spiritual place and our rebuilt just shows “basic” but important dimensions. We will renew it time after time and bring it into a much better experience. We naturally thought about some kind of sound design. But after asking great Daniel Matz we suddenly received a sound file and listened to it. We realized : Everything was here and ready. The VR rebuilt of the LAST SUPPER VR by LJM, HAIM OHANA, YANIV OHANA, DANIEL MATZ and me was finally ready to go in March 1- 2017. The Google App store allowed our first little trip to customer perfection and interactive entertainment supply and we´re moving on and spreading the news about our first VR app. It was quite a rough ride. For now this is our status quo of a mobile – vr – room experience we developed to start with quality content for the mobile Android VR – Crowd.  Download here !



Im Januar 2016  hatte es begonnen und wir, das Team hinter IRON ARCHEOLOGYST, waren ziemlich aufgeregt, da das Thema Virtuelle Realität nicht nur in Deutschland noch in den Kinderschuhen zu stecken schien, wie man an der Berichterstattung sehen kann. Da die auf dem Weltmarkt allerersten verfügbaren Geräte, sowohl DIVE als auch die Zeiss VRONE, auf der diesjährigen CES 2016 wieder zu Gast waren und bereits seit Längerem Virtual Reality mit großem Erfolg in ihren wunderbaren Geräten mit einer unglaublichen Menge an Applikationen ohne Latenzen und einem fantastischen Field of View darstellen können, ist es verwunderlich, wie spartanisch die Berichterstattung in den hiesigen deutschen Medien darüber war ! Dennoch ist die mobile und die stationäre VR-Technologie nun gar nicht mehr aufzuhalten und den beiden spannendsten Herstellern Shoogee Durovis Dive und VR One ZEISS gebührt ein Sonderplatz in der Technologie-Historie Deutschlands. Wir vergleichen diesen Fortschritt lieber einmal mit der Erfindung des Buchdrucks, da auch hier durch ein gedrucktes und geschriebenes Wort für alle Menschen Wissen und Bildung zur Verfügung gestellt werden konnte, als es damals tatsächlich nur den Ständen und dem Klerus vorbehalten war. Während stationäre Mitbewerber immer noch um unglaubliche Preisspannen und ihre Anerkennung kämpfen und versuchen, sich dem hiesigen Weltmarkt mit Hilfe von Spiel- und Filmadaptionen einem klassischen Gamingpublikum zu nähern, ergreifen die mobilen Geräte die Chance und zeigen erste wirkliche interaktive Simulationen wie unsere, die nicht nur taucherfahrenen Menschen Ängste nimmt, sondern sogar erste “therapeutische” Massnahmen ergreift oder , wie in diesem Falle, ein Menschleben retten kann. Dabei wird das  irrtümlich gebrauchte Wort der “Cardboard” langfristig dem “Smart VR” weichen müssen, denn diese Zukunft ist alles Andere als nur “Pappe” !