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The artists in “Displayed” talk about their starts in the 90ies, some of them started just a few years ago. Their days and nights, jobs, lifes and thoughts, lonesome working in front of a computerscreen, composing, essences of a growing music culture. Its not about plane borders of a global dancefloor culture. These artists are talking about a self-full-filling progression (not only) in Electronic Art and this is what DISPLAYED is about. Listen.

Featuring: Plaid, Mouse on Mars, Capitol K., Solar X, Klaus Beyer, Jega, Freeform, Jimmy Edgar, Lazra Pink, Schlammpeitziger with live footage and atmospheres (more than 100 minutes on HD-PAL DVD )

Germany`s first broadcast-tv promoted

In 2006 branded entertainment in the internet became a new creative source for

The team behind decided to bring all their knowledge into something, that was created in 2005 as a 14 min. trailer of the first german branded entertainement web tv production to participate in the internet with a fresh idea of a qualified and entertaining e-learning web tv episode structure, to motivate and to teach with a warm hug.

It was possible to create huge interest of Burda Group, with the help of M.E.N and 22 german tv stations. declared their interest in Berlin-made- Online Content as support for their growing blogging customers.

In Sept, 2006 „Vernäht and Zugestrickt“ was born as the first german online web series,  webisode feature and first german online web tv with 12 episodes (each 22 min) and more than 60 tutorials for the german nitting, sewing and handcraft- community without the participation of myspace or youtube. With a regular support of 22 regional tv channels the interest for the webside could be enlarged.

Meanwhile its unique and present success inspired  many others to create  their own web and nitting-tutorials according to the way „Vernäht and Zugestrickt“ has been produced. Since then, Claudia Weiler has become a star in the german nitting and sewing Internet community not only for being such a help, but to give all her tips and tricks with a warm heart and a real social engagement, because her tutorial-lessons as well as the episodes are still for free….