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Ausbildung ISSB 2008

„Keine Normen für niemand“ (bitte hier klicken)

A Film made by Doutje Lettinga & David Kates
“Are you Turkish or gay?“ This could be a
question taken from a comedy, but it is a
reality: a german reality. Doutje Lettinga
& David Kates conducted interviews with
homosexuals with an ethnic background living
in Germany and find out that homophobia is
not something inherent to their community,
but existing within the whole German society.
The false dichotomy between modern liberal
Germans and unmodern, homophobic Turks, and a
lack of cultural sensitivity amongst Germans,
also within the mainstream German gay community,
makes it difficult for homosexuals with an ethnic
background living in Germany to feel Turkish,
gay/lesbian and German at the same time. That’s
why they opt for an inclusive society where implicit
norms are recognized and loosened up in order to
create real space for difference.

Muslims in the German Media (bitte hier klicken)

A film by Sabine Ginko & Mary Borkowski
Berlin and Munich, city center –
Sabine Ginko and Mary Borkowski ask passers
by what they think about the question: How
are Muslims presented in the German media?
The answers they received are amazing…

In september, 2008 supported the
ISS 2008 with courses and postproduction.
From a group of five participants two films
could be finished with the frequent support of
their authors. In small groups students of ISS
2008 learned how to interview and how to create
tv-broadcast content with a personal topic.

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